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3C Cartier X-Truck Time Lapse
3C Cartier X-Truck Desert
X Truck Mercedes Arocs Martini Racing
3C Cartier X-Truck 2021 avant
3C Cartier X-Truck Systeme Fixation 3 points pivots isostatiques
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For travel lovers whose choice of truck is obvious.

3C Cartier offers you an innovative solution with the X-TRUCK: a top-of-the-range all-terrain truck cell model for customers looking for adventure, entirely designed, developed and produced with our self-supporting monoblock cell concept, adapted to the technical characteristics and requirements of expedition vehicles.

Our vehicles are designed to support extreme technical constraints; their weight directly impacts the longevity and mechanical wear of the truck.

We have therefore designed a cell integrating these parameters, with simple specifications: design for you a monoblock cell, freestanding, rigid, waterproof, offering the best thermal and sound insulation.

We use high-tech materials such as carbon, kevlar or multiaxial fabrics, and we have developed an attachment system to the chassis with 3 isostatic pivot points, technically advanced, which manages the impacts related to the terrain and the torsion of the carrier chassis independently from the cell. This fastening system, fully developed and patented by 3C Cartier, contains high frequency vibrations through silentblocs wich filter and durably protect mechanical parts that are too often used in rough terrain. These 3 points can support up to 50 tons on the front axle and 80 tons accumulated on the 2 rear axles.

With all these techniques, we reduce the overall height of the vehicle and its center of gravity for better handling. The construction of a false frame is no longer necessary.

Bare shell weight : 1350 kg

The X-TRUCK is available in different lengths and on different trucks including :

  • RENAULT K 13T or 19T range
  • MAN TGM 4x4 13T or 18T
  • MERCEDES Arocs 4x4 13T4 or 19T
  • MERCEDES Atego 4x4 13T5 

Contact us so we can study your project.

Interior example made-to-measure with X-Truck base:

3C Cartier X Truck Renault Trucks K interieur sur mesure cuir alcantara carbone aluminium

Custom-made hydraulic motorcycle holder:

3C Cartier porte moto hydraulique sur mesure

3C Cartier porte moto hydraulique sur mesure structure thermolaque

3C Cartier porte moto hydraulique sur mesure barre anti encastrement

3C Cartier porte moto logo

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