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3C Cartier Atalante Camping Car Sur Mesure PMR
3C Cartier Atalante Camping Car Sur Mesure Interieur 2
3C Cartier Vehicule Specifique Petite Enfance Calvados avant
3C Cartier Vehicule Specifique Petite Enfance interieur
Camping-car FIAT adapté aux personnes à mobilité réduite 3C Cartier
Camping-car adapté aux personnes à mobilité réduite montage Autolift 3C Cartier
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Specific vehicles

Our "savoir-faire" as well as our experience allow us to respond to specific requests, with very precise specifications. Here are some examples of possible realizations :

- Motorhomes adapted to people with reduced mobility (PRM)

We are able to integrate all the equipment necessary to overcome your disability and restore your independance and freedom. Whether it's access by tail lift, interior sleeping arrangements, bathroom or driving assistance, anything is possible.

- Special vehicles fitted out

Mobile services are an increasingly adopted solution by cities. Medical, cultural, informative, specific vehicles are a relevant response to real needs. We are able to produce, for example, consultation, care, prevention vehicles or bookmobiles and all types of vehicles that a community may need.

3C Cartier vehicule specifique petite enfance.jpg 13

- Mobile boxes

We develop transport vehicles for personalities, models, who need a private space.

3C Cartier camping car sur mesure spcifique bureau mobile

Loge mobile sur-mesure 3C Cartier

- Mobile offices

To allow you to work in the best conditions, wherever you are and designed to your image, or simply for an event, we create a mobile space adapted to your needs and to the image of your company.

Dentiste bureau mobile sur-mesure 3C Cartier

- Itinerant nurseries

They cross the roads of France to go to childminders and their children and welcome them in the best conditions.

Crèche itinérante véhicule sur-mesure 3C Cartier

- Faradized vehicles

For programming theirs aircrafts, AIRBUS or even DASSAULT call on our services to create faradized vehicles. Our technology can be transposed into a vehicle suitable for electro-sensitive people.

Véhicule faradisé Airbus 3C Cartier

Do not hesitate to contact us so we can study your project.

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